The used processes are:

  • SMC, BMC, CF-SMC compression moulding
  • Vacuum evacuation
  • Expanding epoxy
  • Hand lay-up laminate
  • Prototype construction



SMC hot compression moulding (Sheet Moulding Compound)

BMC hot compression moulding (Bulk Moulding Compound)

The material is processed in press tools as resin mats, consisting of thermoset resins and glass fibres, to create components that meet demanding technical requirements.



In particular SMC and CFRP achieve very high mechanical values that reach into the high-performance composite material class.

Transport pallet for engine blocks SMC process:


The excellent flow behaviour of SMC/BMC/CFRP means that complex moulded parts can be created which combine many individual parts in one component.

The classified resin mat types fulfil special requirements such as Class "A" colouring and rigidity.

Another plus is the temperature stability from minus 40°C to 160°C.


Other arguments for the successful use of these materials / technologies ar

  • design-friendly
  • UV ageing resistant
  • fire regulations for air, rail and road vehicles of all kinds
  • economical
  • all-round improved protection against incidental damage
  • improved driving properties thanks to more even distribution of weight
  • good noise absorption performance
  • simultaneously fulfils structural and cladding functions in small to large format mouldings
  • can be painted inline and offline with conductive primer
  • copes with small gap and joint masses
  • short cycle times
  • very good price-performance ratio (pressing, painting, completion)


Polyplex AG reiceives Daimler Supplier Award

In the section ‚Daimler Trucks and Buses, Exterior' Polyplex AG was honored as best supplier.

Daimler AG recognized its best suppliers for their contributions on the occasion of its annual supplier conference in Stuttgart, the “Daimler Key Supplier Meeting”, with the “Daimler Supplier Award 2009”. As in previous years, 13 companies received awards in various categories.

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We were present.

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